Welcome to Angola

Angola, as the great majority of the independent countries of Africa is a multi and transcultural state. This means that it shelters in its territory diverse cultures, with different languages, customs and origins.

Angolans are very rich people in a matter of culture, and they cultivate different customs and customs that, for some, may seem strange, but you can notice that some of them were adopted by Brazilians and, until today, they are present in our daily life , Becoming an important people for the recognition and perception of valuable details.

Getting to know the culture

Our goal was to map these behaviors so that they would serve as guidelines for brand building.

• What is the profile of the Angolan client?
• Which products are you accustomed to consume?
• What are the values of the new brand?
• What kind of facilities would be delivered?
The result was a complete report on the customer, their service and product.

The new brand needed a name that translated the product process. A name that referred to the loaves and salgados, cars of the new business. A name that works in other dialects, either by its meaning or by its sonority.
Thus emerged mill, which means the milling that grinds grain to the point of flour. The construction that produces the main ingredient of the company's products.


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